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Purple’s Top 5 Marketing Tips

  1. Successful marketing is built on two essentials – reputation and visibility. Maintaining both of these will ensure you always attract business.
  2. Be succinct – only say enough to convey your message in a compelling way to those who might want to know what you have to offer.
  3. Find a point of difference – often this can be found in the sectors in which you have particular experience, or maybe it’s simply an area in which you have a personal passion.
  4. The biggest mistake is to do any marketing activity once, then write it off if it doesn’t deliver instant results. Marketing is a gradual process, reliant on building a relationship based on trust, commitment, reliability, perceived knowledge and value, and likeability.
  5. Don’t be too ambitious. Measure and evaluate everything you do. Grow in controlled stages. For more free advice, call Jeremy Silverstone
at Purple Marketing on 07710 723532.