Here are some of the most-often asked questions, and my responses

Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. But I’ll happily help you if you’re in London, Essex, Beds, Bucks, Berks, or anywhere else for that matter.

Helping businesses to understand their audiences, and ways to reach them effectively, whatever their budget. Specifically, we create plans, design, write and produce marketing materials, and hold our clients’ hands through the process. Oh, and we do a fair bit of marketing training and business coaching too.

Put yourself in their shoes. Consider what journey they would take to find someone like you. Then ensure that you engage with them at various points along that journey.

Put yourself in their shoes. Consider what would make them warm to someone like you. Then use those triggers to communicate with them. Remember that people don’t generally care what you do, only what you can do for them. And however much they want to buy, they don’t want to be sold to. Find out their challenges, and give them a solution.

Marketing is about building relationships, so doing anything once is unlikely to get results. It’s as true in advertising as it is in business networking as it is in dating. Get to know people, and allow them to build an understanding of how you can help them. Once they know, like and trust you, they’ll give you their business.