Purple Marketing is pleased to recommend the following organisations

We work with an extensive network of tried and trusted partners
so you have a single point of contact.

And from time to time, we also like to recommend partners
and websites that we believe deserve a moment of your time –
some are for business, some are just for fun.

Accountants – Bankers – Bookkeepers – Builders & Decorators
Business Networking Groups – Cars – Charities – Coaches – Debt Collector
Giving Blood – Driving Tuition – Eye Care – Financial Services – Fun quotes
Gifts – Hair & make-up – Health & Safety – HR Support – Insurance – IT – Legal
London – Music – Office Equipment – Payroll – Personal Trainer – Photography
Plumbing & Heating – PR, Media & Events – Printing – Property & Relocation
Recruitment – Sports Massage Therapy – Telecoms & Phone Systems
Telemarketing- Travel Services – Washing & Cleaning Supplies – Web Development
The following are people I’ve met in the course of business who have
particularly impressed me, and who I am not only willing, but delighted,
to recommend. If you want more information on any of them,
please call me (Jeremy Silverstone 07710 723532).

All are based in North London/Hertfordshire unless otherwise indicated.

http://civilwarbummer.com/william-tecumseh-sherman-2/ Accountants

Paul and Letitia Hutt of Absolute Accountants,
based in Hatfield will look after your money and save you tax.
Excellent service, and lovely people.

07403 116766

But he’s run very close in the niceness race by Howard Wallis,
partner at Gerald Edelman in Whetstone and Harley Street.

http://e17arttrail.co.uk/alex.php Painting and decorating services

If you need a splosher, probably the finest and loveliest
painter and decorator in the northern hemisphere is Greg Bradman 

Richard Gilbert of Stilelistics is a dab hand with a paintbrush too, and is equally adept with wallpapering and tiling.

And don’t forget Marin Simunic, the best builder in the world, and also a very nice guy.
07888 050083

Business Networking Groups

On alternate Tuesdays, I combine breakfast with business
at the B4-9 business networking group, which meets at the Welwyn Garden City Golf Club.

On alternate Wednesdays, I’m usually found at 4Networking in Potters Bar.

If you want networking in Hatfield, call me to discuss a visit
to the excellent Unity business group, which meets in Hatfield every Thursday morning.

And on Friday mornings, you can’t beat the MJT breakfast
at Watford Weekly Business at the Watford Indoor Bowls Club.

Once a month, I also recommend BNNL in Enfield and the Mill Green group.

However, if you’re a lady, and can’t do breakfast time,
you can join one of Rosy Holt’s Athena Network groups,
exclusively for businesspeople with two X chromosomes.


Hello, John, want a new motor?
If not, get a previously enjoyed one at auction for better value.
Ashley Feldman at BCA is definitely your best bid.

And if you need to get yours repaired, there’s no better man for the job
that Stuart Case at PitStop in Welwyn


The tireless work of the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care team is amazing,
bringing help and advice to sufferers and their carers.
Please give generously. To find out more visit

And Michael McGrath at the Muscle Help Foundation (www.musclehelp.com)
is an incredible inspiration, raising funds for wish fulfilment
(or ‘Muscle Dreams’) for kids with muscular dystrophy.

I’m also very happy to be working with David Taylor at In Sue’s Name,
raising much-needed funds for research into brain cancer.

Coaching and Mentoring

Joyce Hastings is simply brilliant. She loves cricket.
She talks more sense than an entire Den of Dragons,
AND she likes 60s rock music. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?

Although if you’re anywhere near Watford,
Tania Clarke will help you make the changes you want in your life.
And she’s lovely too!

And with bags of high-level senior leadership experience,
speak to Debora Brockwell

Debt Collection

If you need to extract funds from a reluctant client,
David Baum is gentler than a baby’s kiss.
But underneath that soft exterior…
07802 219752.

Do Something Amazing

Only 6% of UK adults give blood.

Imagine it was your partner/child/friend who needed blood, and there wasn’t any…
So do it now. Yes, right now.

And if you can give platelets, do that too. It’s a gift, in so many ways.

Eye Care

Hitchin’s finest optician is Russell Needleman. The man has vision.

Financial Services

There are still some who are genuine professionals, and really will give you best advice.
I particularly recommend:

Anthony Posner at Hightree

Dominic Basilea at Aqua Wealth Management in St Albans

And if you need a Financial Director but don’t want a permanent, full-time one,
Brian Marks is available on a contract basis
07989 888597


For great quotes from everyone from Homer Simpson to Henny Youngman


It’s delivered like a pizza, in a box like a pizza,
and it’s round like a pizza, cut into slices like a pizza.
Go to this site now and be mouth-watered!
Helen – you’re a genius!

Also recommended:

Health & Safety

The most renowned authority in this field is Michael Morgan,
who runs Safety Action Services. A true expert, and a lovely fella.

HR Support

Keep your company up to date with all the latest employment law legislation,
and keep your staff happy.
And happy staff means happy customers.
For outsourced professional HR services,
contact Debbie Glinnan at Parallel HR

Or for corporate advice, I’d go to
Marjorie Bremner at Berg Kaprow Lewis


These people are knowledgeable, honest and helpful…

Lee Cohen or Paul Staines at Hamilton Leigh

Earl Franklin at Herald

Legal Advice

When it gets serious, my first call is always to Lanny
on 07973 314306
or e-mail him at lanny.silverstone@stepienlake.co.uk

But for family law guidance in and around St Albans,
your best bet would be Sandra Bradley, who runs Bretherton Law


London Stuff

London is, without doubt, the greatest place in the whole planet, if not the entire solar system.
So get out there. Enjoy it.

Currently recommended at the theatre:
Jersey Boys Prince Edward Theatre – don’t you dare miss it!
Matilda – simply amazing.
The Book of Mormon


Sign up now for the world’s greatest cultural event, bar none.


Gary Perlmutter takes family portraits,
does weddings, produces corporate portfolios, and does it in style!  


Plumbing and Heating

If you have a leak, give John Tabor a call at Baker Smith


01727 730590

PR, Media & Events

Want to get in the papers? Need help with creating a splash?
Putting on a bit of a do? This lady knows her articles from her editorials,
having seen and done it for the some of the UK’s top companies.
Judy De Haan PR & Publicity judydehaan@btinternet.com  07941 228399


It’s not about just putting ink on paper – these guys know the pitfalls,
and know how to make a bit of print into a work of art
that will have your clients clamouring for whatever it is you sell.

Michael Verby at michael.verby@hotmail.co.uk

Ivor Rosenthal at Kellmatt: ivor@kellmatt.com


For commercial property, my London expert of choice
is Trevor Granger at Leaver Charles Granger tg@leavercharlesgranger.com


If you’re fed up with giving useless recruitment agents thousands
of pounds for doing nothing, you need to speak to Rachel Bradman.

Although if it’s for the property/construction industry, Nick is your man.

Sports Massage Therapy

For exceptional therapy, to get you moving and a-groovin’,
contact Nick or Karen on 07767 785010 or via info@ssarm.com


Need to sell your stuff on the phone or make business appointments?
There’s none better than Marie Rollaz, who puts the accent on results.
info@ambertelemarketing.co.ukAnd check out Jonathan Silverman too for strategic direct marketing.

Travel Services

Wherever you want to go, fly down to Gina at Beaver Travel
– the UK’s leading independent travel shop, based in Radlett.
Call Gina on 01923 845986 or e-mail gina@beavertravel.com


Lucy Hall is skilled and lovely. As is her gorgeous but slightly insane cocker spaniel, Dennis.